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Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable, Different World of Gary S. Paxton

  1. Different World
  2. Love, It Comes in All Colors
  3. Weeds
  4. I Wonder If God Cries
  5. Whatcha’ Gonna Do When Ya Ain’t a Kid No More?
  6. Layed Back (In His Love)
  7. Jesus Keeps Takin’ Me Higher and Higher
  8. There’s Got to Be More to Livin’ Than Just Waitin’ to Die
  9. You Ain’t Smokin’ Them Cigarettes (Baby They’re Smokin’ You)
  10. Victim of the System
  11. Sophisticated Savages
  12. He Was There All the Time
  13. I’m a Fool for Christ (Whose Fool Are You)
  14. Just a Closer Walk With Thee
  15. I Love to Tell the Story
  16. Peace in the Valley    
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Gary S Paxton / More ...

1. Lord, You've Been Too Good to Me
2. Jesus Is My Lawyer in Heaven  
3. WhiskeyWet
4. Evidence
5. (Lord, Help Me to Be) Selfless
6. I'm Hooked On a Good Thing
7. When the Meat Wagon Comes for You
8. The World Didn't Give It to Me (And the World Can't Take It Away}
9. No Shortage
10. There Goes a Cigar Smoking a Man
11. Ninevah Noose
12. Soul Control
13. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
14. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
15. Standing On the Promises
16. Testimony
17. I'd Rather Have Jesus
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Paxton / Dr Redempto

1. You Can Begin Again
2. What Are You Gonna' Do With This Man Named Jesus?
3. Hallelujah for His Cross
4. Valleywalker
5. I Believe in Rock and Roll
6. Gabriel, Gabriel Blow Your Horn
7. America, You're Too Young to Die
8. God's Gonna Shake the Hell Out of This Nation
9. Power to the People
10. It's Not the Guns
11. Half Alive and Half Forgotten (The Veteran’s Song)
12. Deacon Possessed (Is Your Church Deacon Possessed?)
13. What's He Gonna Be Because of Me?
14. Shekinah Glory 15.
Dr. Jack, the Ungodly Quack
16. Nose Candy
17. There Ain't No Atheists in Hell
18. Innocent Blood
19. Only Christians Kill Their Wounded
20. When I Die, Just Bury Me At Walmart (So My Wife Will Come and Visit Me)
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Paxton / Terminally Weird

1. (I'm) Anchored in the Rock of Ages
2. Lord, How'd I Get So Old So Fast
3. Mental Pollution
4. Ode to the Outlaw (That Prison Called Freedom)
5. Can't See Me Servin' Nobody but Jesus
6. Will There Be Hippies in Heaven
7. Blessed Assurance
8. Images, Images
9. Progress (Fun Loving Progress)
10. Fat, Fat Christians
11. The Clone Affair
12. The Big A = the Big M
13. A Vessel of Honor for God
14. Take Your Turf for Jesus
15. Hide Me in Your Will
16. Heaven's Just a Jesus Away
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