Paxton / Dr Redempto

1. You Can Begin Again
2. What Are You Gonna' Do With This Man Named Jesus?
3. Hallelujah for His Cross
4. Valleywalker
5. I Believe in Rock and Roll
6. Gabriel, Gabriel Blow Your Horn
7. America, You're Too Young to Die
8. God's Gonna Shake the Hell Out of This Nation
9. Power to the People
10. It's Not the Guns
11. Half Alive and Half Forgotten (The Veteran’s Song)
12. Deacon Possessed (Is Your Church Deacon Possessed?)
13. What's He Gonna Be Because of Me?
14. Shekinah Glory 15.
Dr. Jack, the Ungodly Quack
16. Nose Candy
17. There Ain't No Atheists in Hell
18. Innocent Blood
19. Only Christians Kill Their Wounded
20. When I Die, Just Bury Me At Walmart (So My Wife Will Come and Visit Me)

"The Boots"




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